Automate Your Web Monitoring and Research

Track websites, monitor competitors, and get notified about key updates. Set up jobs to gather insights effortlessly.

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Monitor Competitor Sites

Stay updated with competitors' new products and design changes.

Get Alerts on Price Changes

Be the first to know when prices drop or rise on monitored products.

Track Out-of-Stock Items

Get notified when your desired items come back in stock.

Automate Design Checks

Ensure your site looks great after updates and coding changes.

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Unlock Your Web Analysis Capabilities

Do you frequently check websites for changes, whether it's monitoring your own for design flaws or a competitor's for new products? Snoop Hawk can automate this tedious process. Simply set up a job with any questions you want answered at any time.

Start by entering the job name, website URL, and the desired viewport size to tailor the analysis to your specific needs.

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Enhance Your Web Analytics Experience

Simplify decision-making with automated job scheduling, AI-driven insights, and clear reporting. No hassle, just results.

Job Scheduling

Manage jobs effortlessly.

Set up and run jobs anytime, anywhere with our flexible scheduling. Tailored for both one-time tasks and recurring analyses.

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Job History

Track and compare past job results.

Access and analyze your historical job runs, easily comparing results to optimize future strategies.

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Actionable reports with triggers.

Easily manage and export reports that highlight key findings, facilitate decision-making, and automatically trigger notifications based on specific criteria.

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