Automate Research

Streamlined Web Analysis

Snoop Hawk boosts your web research efficiency. Automate data collection and analysis, gaining rapid insights and clear reports, all with minimal effort.

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Do you frequently check websites for changes, whether it's monitoring your own for design flaws or a competitor's for new products? Snoop Hawk can automate this tedious process. Simply set up a job with any questions you want answered at any time.

  • Automated Data Collection. Snoop Hawk simplifies gathering and analyzing web data, ensuring you stay informed with minimal effort.
  • Access and Analyze. Track and compare past job results with ease, utilizing historical data to refine strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Actionable Reports & Timely Notifications. Manage and export comprehensive reports to highlight essential insights for swift, informed decision-making. Receive notifications based on triggers you set up.

Leverage Snoop Hawk's intuitive tools to effortlessly navigate complex data and generate valuable insights, enhancing your web presence and strategic initiatives.

No expertise? No problem.

Snoop Hawk is designed for ease of use, requiring no prior analytics expertise. Jump straight into advanced web analysis with our intuitive platform that guides you through every step.