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Staying competitive in today's market requires real-time insights into product pricing. Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, monitoring price changes can lead to significant savings and smarter purchasing decisions. Manually tracking prices across multiple platforms can be time-consuming and prone to error. This is where Snoop Hawk comes in.

Why Tracking Pricing Alerts Matters

Tracking pricing alerts offers valuable insights into market trends and helps you:

  • Identify the best times to buy or sell products.
  • Adjust pricing strategies in response to competitors.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Improve inventory management by understanding price fluctuations.

How Snoop Hawk Enhances Pricing Alert Tracking

Snoop Hawk automates the process of monitoring and analyzing price changes across various platforms. Here’s how it can help:

Automated Monitoring

Set up Snoop Hawk to track product prices from different websites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. It can monitor:

  • Current prices.
  • Historical price trends.
  • Frequency of price drops or increases.

Custom Questions

Ask specific questions and get precise answers. For example:

  • "What is the current price of the product?"
  • "Has the price dropped in the past week?"

Easy Scheduling

Decide when Snoop Hawk performs its checks. Schedule it to run daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

Triggers and Notifications

Set up triggers to receive notifications based on specific criteria. For example:

  • "Notify me if the price drops below $100."
  • "Alert me if there are more than three price changes in a week."

Detailed Reports

Get comprehensive reports with precise answers and insights. Use this data to inform your pricing strategies and improve decision-making.

Use Case: Monitoring Nike Air Force 1 Prices

Let’s take an example to show off Snoop Hawk's pricing alert feature. We'll go to the Nike website to see the price of Nike Air Force 1.

Nike Air Force 1 Screenshot

By setting up Snoop Hawk, we can monitor the price of Nike Air Force 1 and track any changes. We set up a job in this example to tell us the current price and notify us if it drops below $100.

Screenshot of Questions

And our trigger

Screenshot of Trigger

And here is a sample result from one of the runs.

Screenshot of Report

As a result, we found the current price to be $115. We also set up a trigger to send an email notification if the price goes below $100 (we can see it did not go off in this instance). This proactive approach allows us to stay informed about significant price changes and make timely purchasing decisions.

Leveraging Insights

By using Snoop Hawk, we can gain actionable insights from these price alerts. For example, setting a trigger to notify us if the price of Nike Air Force 1 drops below $100 allows us to stay informed about significant savings opportunities. This information can be used to refine our purchasing strategies and remain competitive in the market.


Snoop Hawk simplifies the tracking of pricing alerts, making it efficient and actionable. By automating the monitoring process, you can focus on leveraging the insights gained to make smarter purchasing decisions. Start using Snoop Hawk today and transform your pricing alert tracking strategy.

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